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Louisa Singleton

Living in Cornwall I feel so lucky to have a mixture of coast and countryside to inspire my work.

Going for walks on the beach with my camera, looking in rock pools, sitting on the sand, listening to the waves. I cannot think of anything that is more calming. Sunday strolls in the Cornish countryside, taking close up photographs of tree forms and flowers. 

I have a huge love of nature and the changing seasons, watching the wild spring flowers come to life and brighten up the meadows all around. 

The vivid summer blooms of many colours, the beautiful warm golden colours of autumn leaves forever changing into the skeletal winter tree forms covered in icicles with snow on the ground, making everything look and feel magical. All with a backdrop of our beautiful rugged coastline of sweeping beaches and glistening sea and sometimes raging waves.

As an Artist, Silversmith and Designer I'm proud to have gained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Silversmithing & Jewellery.

The constant inspiration surrounding me in Cornwall has been taken into my collections of wedding accessories, ready to bring a piece of Cornish magic to your special day.


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