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FunDay Tiara

Inspired by the family fun day of the balloon fest, taking on a new aspect from the carnival and festival collections from Tiara's and Vines.

Displaying a bright, lively and unique take on the traditional bridal headwear seen in most high street bridal stores. 

At Tiaras and Vines we are dedicated to creating fun, different and beautiful headwear and accessories unique to you and your bridal party. 

'FunDay' is a tiara that showcases a quirky fun loving personality that really represents the excitement and butterflies in a newlywed relationship and is the ideal choice for a wedding focusing on the fun, party, good-time aspect of couples and family on their wedding day.

Created with a mix of crystals and highly pigmented colourful opaque glass beading threaded gently in a handcrafted balloon pattern across the band, hand finished with a layer of beautiful white ribbon to enhance that pure pop of colour.

Displaying bright colour variations of yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue and green to replicate the vivid patterns from the inspiration of hot air balloons and exciting festivals.

Create a statement with handmade bridal headwear from the heart of Cornwall.

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